Dreamhack Masters 2016 – Quarter-Finals

Dreamhack 2016 Press LogoI’m one of the 300,000 people that has been watching the Dreamhack Masters quarter finals live today over on twitch. For those who don’t know what the Dreamhack masters are, its a computer game tournament where a bunch of professional Counter Strike teams go head to head to find the best team.

You can find the schedules for the games here. Todays games look like this –

11:00 ua Na`Vi vs. CN TyLoo – BO3
14:00 DK Team Dignitas vs. FR EnVyUs – BO3
17:00 DE mousesports vs. SE GODSENT – BO3
20:00 SE NiP vs. PL Virtus.pro – BO3

I’m writing about this because E-Sports are becoming so big and they’re only getting bigger. 5 Years ago you wouldn’t see tournaments like this, playing any game. Twitch didn’t exist and the fan base wasn’t massive. Today the fan base is massive and Dreamhack has over 60,000,000 views on twitch.

There’s so many different E-Sport games available now, from Call of Duty to League of Legends. New games are always being added to the E-Sports scene, like Rocket League which was added late last year.

KennyS Twitter Profile
KennyS Twitter Profile

Going back to Dreamhacks and Counter Strike. These professional teams

amaze me. The skills shown in the tournament are incredible and inspiring. KennyS a player for team Envy showed off the best AWP shots I will probably ever see. Amazing.

I’m going to finish up here because the next match is about to start. I think E-Sports is a super exciting scene at the minute, it offers some great entertainment and also inspires the gaming community. I look forward to seeing where it goes!


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A night of no sleep – Hells Itch

I’m currently sat soaking up the sun on holiday in benidorm. There’s a lovely photo for proof.

Benidorm Beach

That’s not really what this post is about.
Yesterday evening I had just had a shower after a day in the sun. Relaxing on the bed before sleeping I felt a bit of itching on my back. Fair enough, I’ve been cooking myself all day, Its to be expected.
I added the obvious after sun lotion thinking it would all be fine. I was wrong. After adding this the itch got worse, almost like being bitten by ants all over my back. Like being stabbed with a pin in random locations on my back. Its painful, impossible to relax. Itching it made it 100x worse.
I spend a few minutes googling and found I’m not alone. ‘Hells Itch’ possibly the most appropriately named thing ever. Holy sh*t it was from hell. There’s not a massive amount of information on the internet about it, no NHS page, or even a Wikipedia page for that matter.
Anyway I know what it is, now to find a remedy, people said hot shower, it did relieve the pain but only while in the shower. I couldn’t sleep in the shower.
So that’s it I’m screwed. I spent all night sitting up, laying down, showering, cold compressing. Nothingggggg! Literally all night.
So today I’ve gone straight to the pharmacy as soon as it opened and bought antihistamine tablets. The pain has eased and is now bearable. I went back to bed to catch up on the sleep I missed.
I want to add that I’m not sun burnt, it is from the sun damaging my skin but its not burnt (or red). People said that it can come a couple of days after being in the sun and can last 3 days.
Its not something I’d wish on my worst enemy’s and I hope none of you get this.
Now I’ll go get on with my holiday, damn sun.

Tom 🙂

Sport Relief Weekend 2016

I do enjoy watching events like sport relief on the TV, not only is it entertaining but it opens your eyes. The touching videos show you what’s going on in the other half of the world.

Part of me worries about where the money goes and if it could be spent better. This year Sport Relief did a really great job of explaining where the money would go in a PDF you can read here. It explains things like 50% of the money will be used to help people living in the UK.

Over the two days (18th to the 20th) there will be events like celebrity football matches, celebrity bake off, a run, swim and cycle event, all to raise money for sports relief.

This years sport relief also showed what happened in the areas they donated to last year. John bishop (hosting this years sports relief) went back to Kenya and showed how lives had changed. This part really was inspiring.

I look forward to seeing how much is raised and what the money does.

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A quick update on myself

Hello again, it is me (Tom). I am back after a very quiet few months. Theres a fews reasons I’ve been off related to work and personal issues but there is no need to go there (Tweet Me if you really need to know).

Anyway, what’s planned? Well to tell the truth, nothing at the moment BUT one thing I do know is there will be more content. So make sure you’re following, subscribing to and stalking myself.

Seen as I have nothing planned I’ll embed some photos of cute kittens and we’ll pretend I did something productive…


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The Lost Bomb – A Short Story by Tom

Its a Wednesday afternoon in Tweckton, Cheif Inspector Rob Kurwick has just receive a report of a bomb threat in the town centre. After flicking on the ‘blues and twos’ he starts the unmarked BMW 3 Series and heads straight for the location.
He arrives at the scene, PC Sergeant Nick Bowers updates the chief on the situation “An elderly gentleman is holding down the post office”. “Any hostages?” the chief demands. “One sir, the post office clerk. Everyone else has been evacuated within a half mile radius sir”. “Excellent, I’m going in” adds the chief while swinging a stab vest around his back.
The chief heads towards the post office. Stopping at the door, he pushes it slightly and strictly states”Hello sir, its the chief inspector here, I’m just coming in for a quick chat”. He’s met with no reply. He creeps through the front door and quickly scans across the room. In front of the checkout counter he sees the elderly man sat on the ground. “Don’t worry sir, I’m not here to hurt you” the chief claims as he tiptoes towards the man.
The man looks up, but doesn’t seemed shocked by chief. “I regret what I’ve done, here take the explosives”. The chief takes the bomb off the man and radios the team with “Stand down, I have managed to acquire the IED, get the PSBD team in here to dispose of this bomb urgently”. “On it sir” is replied.
The chief places the bomb on top of the checkout counter and turns his attention back to the man. “Right sir, if you could just stand up im going to have to put..”. Interrupting the mans says “Please don’t arrest me mate, this isn’t how it was meant to happen”. “Sorry sir, I’m going to have to put you under arrest on suspicion of terrorism” replies chief. The gentleman goes quiet.
The disposal team burst through the door. “Right chief, what have we got” asks the team leader. The chief looks over at where he left the explosives, they had gone. Frantically looking around the chief questions the gentleman, “Where is it?”. “I’ve been here the whole time!”, the chief knew he was right. The place goes quiet. “Can anyone hear that?” asks the disposal team leader. A ticking sounds becomes louder and more frequent.


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The 5 Best Ways to Get Motivated in 2016

So obviously its the start of the year and everyone will have a New Years resolution of some sort. From losing weight, eating less to working harder and making more money. These are the best ways to stay motivated this year and successfully complete your new years resolution –

1 – Look at the end product

The best way I find to get myself motivated is to look at what i’m going to get out of it at the end. For example if you’re losing weight have a look at some pictures of celebrity’s with the body you want. Another example, if you’re wanting to earn more money, look at what you could buy with it like a newer better car or bigger houses. I find these really motivate because its often something you really want to achieve.

2 – Others who achieved a similar goal

Another way to stay motivated (Similar to number 1) is looking at people who have achieved what you are wanting to achieve. Blogs are a great place to find people that have posted about their goals like losing/gaining weight and working harder. These give you chance to see what you will have when you reach the end of your goal. Bloggers will often tell you about how it helped them and made them feel better about themselves.

3 – Motivational Quotes

Quotes are a great way of changing your mood. There are plenty of websites with a variety of quotes that you can read to keep you motivated. A great place to look is the subreddit r/getMotivated. Its full of people with goals of their own and quotes they use to keep motivated, its also great place to have a chat about motivation.

4 – Break it down

Break your goal down into a group of smaller goals. This makes each goal look easier and more achievable meaning you stay motivated. For example if your goal is to work harder, first you can try working harder and being organised. Once you’ve managed that you can then pick another small goal like working harder at concentrating more. Before you know it you’ve got to the end of the full goal you were aiming for.

5 – Have Fun

Probably one of the best motivational tools available is fun. Having fun with anything you are doing means that you want to do it again. For example if you want to make exercise fun you can try dancing with a friend to your favorite music, this makes exercise infinitely more fun and takes any stress out of it.

That about sums it up. I’m always looking for ways to stay motivated, and these are just my favorite. I wish you all luck with keeping motivated with whatever goal you have. Thanks for reading.

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Make sure you go checkout the Youtube Channel

A quick introduction to my Youtube channel. I started the channel because enjoy editing and sharing videos as well as playing computer games. Doing the videos gives me chance to escape from life and go into the virtual community that i love.

On my channel you will see a variety off different videos. Various games including the common ones like Minecraft and call of duty, but also you will see some indie games like Destrutodon that is below. I am also hoping to introduce some new content like vlogs and animations which will be fun to work on.

Minecraft Survival

I hoping to keep the Minecraft survival series running through the eternity of my channel. This might mean expanding it and changing it a bit, but none the less I want it to feature the channel. You can see the first episode below.

Indie Games

I am also hoping to keep a strong and current collection of indie game videos. As there are a lot of really good indie developers out there I feel it will help the indie community and I enjoy seeing what new concepts they can come up with.

Making It Successful

Now this is where I need help. Obviously I don’t have a massive idea on what a successful channel is like, or how to make one. So comments and likes on my videos become really useful. Constructive comment mean I can turn the channel into something that the viewers want instead of just me. Likes also shows me the type of video content you want to see.

So here’s hoping you like the channel and that it continues to grow into something that I am proud of.

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Video Game releases to look forward to in 2016

As its the start of the new year I thought I’d do a summery of what game releases I’m excited about this year. There is a few new titles and some great looking sequels. Lets jump right in.

XCOM 2XCOM 2 Game Cover

Since the great success of Enemy Unknown this game has been highly anticipated(89/100 on Metacritic). The game looks to be set in the future where aliens now have world order. XCOM has been left behind and need to make a come back to take back control of earth.

Release Date – February 5th

Far Cry PrimalFar_Cry_Primal_cover_art

Again this game comes after 4 other games in an excellent series. This game takes you back to the stone age, where you are the last survivor of your hunting group. The game gives you the ability to control some of the large variety of animals in the game. You must use this ability and take over the land of Oros.

Release Date (PC) – March 2016

Tom Clancy’s The DivisionThe_Division_box

Another great looking game from the Tom Clancy series is The Division. The game is set in New York shortly after a lethal virus has travelled the city. You are part of The Division (A secret team of tactical agents). In this open world game you are expected to be able to explore the popular city NY in a broken and derelict state.

Release Date – March 8th

Dishonored 2Dishonored 2

Coming after the great success of the first, Dishonored 2 is set 15 Years after The Dunwall Plague, Emily Kaldwin has been dethroned and becomes determined to get back the throne. She attempts to reclaim her title and restore all power where it has been lost.

Release Date – TBA

These are the games I am most excited about this year. I’ll no doubt update you on each individual game as we get closer to the release, or maybe after the release.

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A Blog Post a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

So firstly Happy New Year and welcome to 2016 on Gamestle. I’ve set myself the challenge of giving you (the readers) a blog post everyday in 2016.

Challenging myself to a blog post a day means that I will be able to turn this blog into something I’m proud of. I’ve also found writing down what I’ve done really relaxing so I can use it as a time to unwind and just type.

I’m really excited about the new blog and I want to keep content interesting and relevant (no promises). I’m hoping to add things like events and places I’ve been to. I also want to feature some funny short comics and stories this year.

Blog post’s will most often be released in the evening time around 7pm GMT. This could vary some days being early but probably more often late ( I’m not that organised..!)

Keep up to date with each post either by subscribing to the email list, following me on twitter or following the blog using wordpress.

I welcome you all on this online journey with me! Anything you want to talk about can be done on twitter at – @GamestleYT  or even through email at – tom@gamestle.com

Heres to an amazing 2016! Happy new year,

Tom x

The Ultimate 2015 Trivia Quiz

Welcome to the best quiz about the on goings and top headlines of 2015. With 4 rounds there’s questions for everyone. Lets get under way.

Round 1 –

Which UKIP Leader failed to win their parliamentary seat?

Which BBC Presenter didn’t have his contract renewed after a rook with one of the producers?

David Cameron made the news after claims about an Oxford University Dining Society initiation ceremony. What was the claim?

What streaming service did Jay-z launch this year?

How did Walter Palmer make headlines this year?

Round 2 –

Enrique Iglesias ended up in hospital after an accident on stage. What happened?

Who is the Fifa president that resigned this year just after being re-elected for a 5th term?

What phrase replaced “Do you want to come back to mine for coffee” this year?

What did Shia Labeouf live stream himself doing for 3 days this year?

Which American TV Personality relieved their transgender this year?

Round 3 –
Who Won this years Great Britsh Bake off?

After Adele released her 3rd album this year, what is the total number when you add the names of her 3 albums together?

Who was on the end of an embarrassing incident at this years Brit awards and what happened?

Who won this years Strictly Come Dancing?

What happened to Usain Bolt while celebrating his 200m win at the championships this year?

Round 4 –

What is the top grossing movie/film this year (Not Including Star Wars – The Force Awakens) ?

What is the top selling album of the year?

What is the most watched TV show this year?


Thats the end of the quiz. Time to add up your scores and see what you got!